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Providing Care Through Collaboration

Chapel Hill Psychiatric Services thanks you for considering our practice for your mental health care needs. 

Our Approach

Providing care through collaboration

We understand how difficult it can be to consider medication as a potential option on your journey to wellness. Chapel Hill Psychiatric Services is a collaborative practice created to meet the increasing demand for adult mental health services in the community.

Our practice involves meeting with a psychiatrist and a clinical pharmacist, who create an individualized treatment plan utilizing evidence-based integrative care with a whole-body approach. Our primary goal is to empower individuals to better manage and advocate for their mental health. 

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What We Specialize In

Assessment Services 

Personalized Medication Management 

Pharmacogenetic Testing 

Health Goals Settings


What We Treat

Adjustment Disorders 




Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder 

Obsessive  Compulsive Disorder

Other Mood Disorders

The journey towards health begins with your first step.

Begin Your Journey Today.

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COVID-19 Updates

In order to maintain the safety of our patients and staff, we are only offering appointments via telehealth.  We are not seeing patients in-person at this time but we are committed to being available for your care. 

If you are an established patient, please use your patient portal to arrange a virtual visit, or submit request for an appointment.

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