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About Our Services

Have you had lots of medication trials that you haven't tolerated, are you hesitant about medication in general, have you considered how medication could be effective for you, are you new to medication management? 

We also offer all our services through telehealth 

Assessment Services 

This appointment is with a psychiatrist for diagnosis and stabilization in collaboration with a pharmacotherapy expert. We formulate a comprehensive treatment plan which is individualized and specific to you. We focus on identifying the underlying cause of mental health concerns and utilize medications when needed, through a whole body approach. 

Neurocognitive Testing

Noninvasive computerized testing used to measure brain function including important aspects of cognition (attention, memory, reaction time, and so on) 

Girl in Therapy

Medication Management 

Medication management is a strategy which monitors prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins/supplements. This is done to prevent drug interactions and to ensure the patient’s symptoms are improving or eliminated while improving quality of life.      

These appointments are conducted at regular intervals to evaluate need for medication adjustment or changes. 


Appointments range from 20-50 minutes. 

Psychology Session


Do you have a variety of medications you take or are recommended but unsure as to the reasons why or if appropriate? Do you have issues affording your prescriptions? Do you take a variety of over-the-counter medications? Let our pharmacists help you. 

Our clinical pharmacists are medication experts, who not only understand pharmacokinetic properties of medications and side effects profile, but help to optimize your whole medication regimen inclusive of prescription and non-prescription medications. 

Pharmacotherapy service may be requested for an additional fee based on complexity. 

Pharmacogenetic Testing 

Pharmacogenetics is the study of the relationship between variations in genes and how our body responds to medications. Every individual person has differences in their DNA which cause genetic variation between one another, such as eye color and height. There are also other things which affect how your body responds to medications, such as age, gender and diet. Genetics is just one factor in a complex process.

Many medicines are prescribed as a "one-size fits all" model. However, even if patients share similar characteristics each individual may still respond differently to the same medication due to genetic variation. 

Pharmacogenomic testing is a tool that provides insight into whether a medication may be effective or have side effects based on that individuals' genetic variation. The selection or dose of a specific medication can be tailored and personalized to that individual. Utilizing information from a patient's genomic profile, that individual is more likely to receive an effective treatment.  

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